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7 important Italian Rules that no Italian Breaks!

Italy is as amazing as its name. If you are looking for some important rules that no Italian breaks, then you are on the right page. In this article, we are unfolding the very significant rules and regulations in Italy. Just so you know, this doesn’t stop there. You can click for more rules right here!

1.     The Spaghetti Rule

This is a very crazy rule but has deep down significance in Italy. The spaghetti that is cooked by Italians is not broken before putting them into the hot water, because it is considered as debarred. The very first rule of spaghetti is that you need to eat it just the way you need to do it, intact and at once. If you cannot have it in that length, then you can take a shorter kind of kinds of pasta.

The Spaghetti Rule

2.    The Kisses rule

It is a very cute rule that you will witness everywhere in Italy. No matter you are a stranger, a criminal or a patient, the very special way of greeting you need to follow in Italy is through kissing on the cheeks. Yes, you heard me right, just on the cheeks. Besides the verbal greetings, in Italy, people gesture a hug by exchanging cheek kisses. The distance and the style of wishing differ with closeness. So you need not feel weird or shy witnessing the Italian culture of saying Hi, hello, good morning and good evening. Click here

3.    The Pasta rule

The Pasta rule

The food rule is a very significant and important rule in every country and is so in Italy. This rule is pretty simple and luxurious. The style of cooking pasta is highly celebrated in the landscape of Italy; they neither undercook the pasta nor overcook it. They maintain an appropriate consistency of cooking pasta.

4.    The socks rule

The very insane and strange rule that Italians follow is the rule of socks. No matter which part of the world you stay, every true Italian you meet will wear socks even with sandals. Italians are known for the passion they possess for fashion. Many stylists say that a sock with sandals is a very bad combination. But yet it looks good on every Italian.

5.    The late rule

The late rule

It is said that every true Italian is always late. It is not on purpose they do, but naturally, it happens to be late is what they say. You will know it better when you have an Italian friend. They are very vocal about it and cool too. If you don’t believe me, you can even keep a bet and ask you friend to visit you on a specific time and see.

6.   The Fish and Cheese rule

As you know that Fish and Cheese is the two very unique food items consumed together only in Italy, this art is exhibited only by a true Italian. You will happen to taste the same incredible combination in every restaurant and hotel in Italy.

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